Monitor price and stock of your competitors, adjust your prices, and increase your sales and profits.

Access valuable competitive information and get the intelligence you need to decide on your pricing strategy.

Keep track of the trends and discover your competitors' strategy to stay one step ahead of the game.

Start tracking prices of your competitors in any country, currency or online shop, on a daily basis.

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Meet PriceVent!

A powerful competitor monitoring solution that set your business up for long-term growth.
The world is shifting! So is pricing. In today’s marketplace, a cohesive pricing strategy is the key driver for growth and success. How can PriceVent help? First, it can offer you deep insights about the competitive situation so that you can easily find the middle ground and preserve margins.
Second, with access to valuble pricing intelligence based on real time data you can understand the market and make educated pricing changes at speed and scale. Once you finnaly put toghether an effective pricing strategy, step into the future of pricing automation.
Price Tracking
Stock Monitoring
Product Matching
Competitive Analysis
Pricing Intelligence
Dynamic Pricing

Power to fuel your pricing game.
That's what you get with PriceVent!

See it and try it to believe it.
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Getting started with PriceVent

There are four main steps when it comes to using PriceVent. This is how it works.
  • 1
    Data import

    Jump-start your implementation by entering competitors’ products into PriceVent.

  • 2
    Data collecting

    Competitors prices are crawled and dashboards are created and populated with the colected data.

  • 3
    Data reporting

    Develop custom made reports with simple or complex charts, by brand, category, or competitor.

  • 4

    Configure alerts to know when prices, products or stock changes are made by your competitors.


PriceVent is offered as an online service (SaaS). You just need a device, a browser and an internet connection.

Easy to use

All you need to use PriceVent is basic computer knowledge and a thirst to rock your competition!


Monthly payments or pre-pay for a year of service and get a 20% discount. Easy upgrade, cancel anytime.


Privacy is guaranteed so that nobody will know that you are monitoring prices.

Simple, Fair Pricing.

Compare features side-by-side and pick the plan that’s right for you!
Billed Monthly Billed Yearly (Save the equivalent of two months!)
Unlimited Competitors
Price Check Frequency
Batch Import
Custom Data Export
Links from Premium Stores
Free SKU Automatching
API Integration
per monthper year
Up to 1000Up to 1000
Single UserSingle User
Once a dayOnce a day
Up to 40%Up to 40%
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per monthper year
Up to 2000Up to 2000
Up to 3 usersUp to 3 users
Once a dayOnce a day
Up to 35%Up to 35%
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per monthper year
Up to 5000Up to 5000
Up to 5 users Up to 5 users
Once a dayOnce a day
Up to 30%Up to 30%
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per monthper year
Up to 10000Up to 10000
Unlimited usersUnlimited users
Once a dayOnce a day
Up to 25%Up to 25%
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Explore our add-ons and extra features

Supercharge your PriceVent!

Step up your pricing game with additional modules or options that can be added on demand.

Looking to automate your pricing processes?
We've got you covered!

Add the Dynamic Pricing Add-on on any PriceVent plan.
Learn more about the Dynamic Pricing Add-on.

Need additional resources?
We can figure that out too!

Monitor more at the lowest price. Ask your PriceVent representative!

Need to keep an eye on marketplace sellers?
Make it with ease!

Add the Marketplace Monitoring add-on to any PriceVent plan!
Learn more about Marketplace Monitoring.

Product matching made in heaven.
At your fingertips!

Find similar matches for your products with our Google Chrome extension.
Best part? It can be used for free with any PriceVent plan.

You've got questions? We have answers!

We put togheter a list of FAQ where you can find the answers for the most common questions asked by our customers.

What is the maximum number of products I can monitor?

With the Premium plan you can monitor up to 10000 products, but we can virtually track any number of products. If you have more than 10000 products you want to monitor send us a message and we will make a custom plan for you.

How many times per day do you update my competitor prices?

Depending on your plan we can update your competitor prices between 1 and 2 times per day. We have an options for less than one time per day if you are in a business where doesn’t make sense to update more often or multiple times a day, if you are in very competitive markets where you need for example hourly price tracking. For a custom plan send us a message and we will find the right solution to your needs.

Can you handle multiple currencies? (€, £, $, etc.)

Yes, we do. As our solution is a worldwide platform addressing any market in the world. We can captures prices in any currency you desire. Depending on your settings, you can display the price in it’s original currency, or converted to another currency, using an exchange rate.

Can my competitors find that I’m tracking their prices?

All the work is made on our servers. So, no. They will never know you are watching them!

Can I try before buying?

Yes, we offer a 14 days free trial. No credit cards or contracts asked during your trial.

Get all the answers

Discover all the topics and learn more from the answers we put togheter for you.

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Questions? Get in touch!

Reach to us using our contacts or open up the chat and get live help. Most of the time we are online!

Small, medium and large sized companies from across the world monitor prices with PriceVent.

PriceVent works great in United States as well as in other 194 countries.


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